Wednesday, July 05, 2006

great news

Shelley Powers has created a new website: Just Shelley.

I am delighted at the opportunity once more to read her writing and see her powerful photography.


Shelley said...

Thank you Don.

Not sure if the photos are powerful, but they are heartfelt.

Don said...

Shelley -- your photographs have great clarity, but their power comes from your showing us, inviting us to see -- and you do it without drawing attention to the mechanics or composition. I look at your photos and feel as if you are giving us an invitation: This is life, this is what I see, this important, look at this, isn't this interesting, beautiful, powerful.

We get bombarded with marketed images every day. Your photography has a whimsical feel to it -- I know you take the time to see, to make a shot, to capture a moment, to edit, to think about what you are seeing, and finally to decide what you show us on your blog, but when we see the shot, we see, too, and whether the subject is something we might see everyday but never stop to see, when we see it in your photos, we stop and see it.

I read the other day that Walker Evans described a person's snapshots as perfect poems. That's a good description of your photography.