Saturday, July 08, 2006

some surprises

Here's a shot framed between two out of focused brazilian verbena of my just beginning to flower tobacco plant. I had a few of these in my first garden in Austin many years ago -- they reseeded each year. This plant will get up to four feet or so. I planted three this year and the other two are a little slow. Unlike most plants, they like it hot and sultry, but they also like a little shade. I push how much sun time these perennials get, so its nice to have a plant that can tolerate some shade.

You can see some of the red bee balm on the left. The brazilian verbena is all over the garden -- bees like it. It re-seeds.

(Above) A few years ago I started putting out lots of larkspur seed (another plant I usually have in my garden, one that self-seeds when well established). The first year was ok, but I really thought it was all gone by this year. Then I noticed one and then another coming up this spring -- I think I have 3 or 4 of them now. You can see it on the upper left corner. In the middle are the Starr Asters.

And (below) here's the morality tale -- the lenten experience in gardening. We live in a sinful world and are subject to evil and death. Those alien little bugs are j. beetles, chomping away on the hollyhock. I sacrifice my hollyhocks in July. Alas. (If you are brave, click on the picture for an up-close look.)


Marie said...

Very pretty. I enjoy gardening too. There is just something peaceful about planting a living being, nurturing it and saying goodbye when winter comes. Then like an old friend spring comes and so does your plant.

I have a huge field of bee balm at our cabin. It's fun to watch the humingbirds buzzing about. My hubby took this pic yesterday......

and just for fun here is one of mine:

Don said...

Marie -- Thank you for sharing your pictures. They're really good.

I agree about the living things -- maybe why I dislike the j. beetles and their paths of destruction.