Wednesday, October 25, 2006


It is now full autumn -- I have to wear a coat outside, particularly in the evening. The colors here are not spectacular -- some of the maples are particularly less vivid than in other years -- but still there is a lot of color in the landscape. Burning bushes, with their red leaves, are particularly vibrant this year.

Because we are on the western edge of the Eastern Daylight Savings time zone, it is dark until about 7:30 - 7:45 each morning. Odd to notice the effect, but this is Indiana's first fall with EDT. But at least it is lighter in the evening. Franklin and I enjoyed a great walk yesterday afternoon looking at trees and chatting with neighbors and their dogs.

I hope I can make it to election day. A neighbor invited me to a party on election night. I fret about the outcome, buoyed by the possibility of changing the Congress. George F. Will wrote what is one of the few things I've ever agreed with him: if the Democrats cannot do well in this mid-term election, they should go into another line of work.

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