Monday, February 05, 2007

exceptionally cold

There are reasons the midwest gets a bad rap, and for me, it's the weather that we are currently experiencing.

It -4 degrees (F) this morning, and according to the Indianapolis Star 5-day forecast this morning, the lows for the next five days will be 0 degrees (F). We may get 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow, which is good, given that it will help insulate plants and houses, and bad, in that walks and roads will need shoveling and plowing.

It is at this point that I start thinking about the artificiality required to keep one's house running under stressful weather -- the furnace probably will be running alot (zero degree temps always mean a higher heating bill). I must check crawl space vents on the outside for air leaks so that my water pipes will remain safe and cold air will not sneak into the house. In dressing for work, I need to remember to have enough stuff to stay warm on the outside chance that the car breaks down and I have to walk for help.

This is survival time (says the wimp from Texas). And as much as I am happy for the Colts victory last night, I cannot imagine braving traffic downtown and then stand ona sidewalk in order to wish them well. I appreciate those who will wave to them as they drive by in their buses. But I am hunkering down inside till further notice.

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