Thursday, May 31, 2007

it has been a long time, this gap

Sometime shortly after the last blog entry, I quit thinking in written words, or written passages. Part of this was related to my taking the time to acclimate to the city, and a new job.

And I suppose part of it is well-intentioned laziness, assuming that I would get to blogging again soon.

The cool spring is over, roses are spilling out, and along the streets and avenues, the temps are getting mildly uncomfortable.

Our house in Indy is still on the market, and I miss whatever is happening in my garden. A dear neighbor who lived across the street from us passed away. I watched most of the Indy 500 on television -- I am still amazed that it would keep my attention, but seven years in the racing capital has made it so. I still have no desire to go to the race, but in Indy, one cannot watch it on television, so this was a bit of luxury.

Our neighbors here have a community cookout each week -- it's cook your own meat on one of four grills, and bring something to share with everybody else. For a few moments, as I hear the meat grilling, and here the relaxed sounds of people chatting about their lives, I am brought back to the townlet, where such activities happen without much scheduling, a matter of course on our backyard patios and decks.

Franklin the dog and I have access to a private dog run, and when we go in the morning and evening on our walk, we stop by and I spend 15-20 minutes throwing the ball and letting him retrieve it. If a dog's joy is expressed through energetic stances, with erect tail and ears, and increased breathing, then he is a very happy dog during those moments.

So I'm back, a bit older, and yet still a Texas born waif in a fast and big city.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pleasant neighborhood. A private dog run--now that sounds very much like New York.


saraj said...

I miss you being in Indy.... I live acoss the creek off of 42nd street. In the summer I'm in northern Ontario, Canada and I could always catch up with what was happening in the area. We're a couple of weeks behind season wiseup north, had snow 10 days ago.

I looked at your house... wish I could afford to live in the townlet.....

Don said...

Shelley -- Hi! The dog run is private in that it is own by the school that partner is attending. But is wonderful to see Franklin play and run off-leash inside it.

saraj -- welcome. Modest house, great lot, wonderful neighborhood. I miss it.