Thursday, September 05, 2013


This spring, I left Harlem at 125th Street on Metro North "Hudson" Line and rode the train to Poughkeepsie.  Since it was early Saturday morning, there were only a couple of people in the car as we rolled along the Hudson River, quickly leaving the city behind.  The tracks are built at the river's edge along its eastern bank, and soon, and as we glided along, and I had a private view out of the large glass windows, I began to imagine Henry Hudson and his crew when they first sailed up this river.  By the time I arrived at Poughkeepsie, I was in the mild bliss I usually feel as soon as I see the high banks, massive river and the hills proceeding from it.

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful areas within the United States.  It's scale is grand, but human, not alpine, and its overwhelming green must increase my dopamine levels, because I often has the sense that this is where I want to be.

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