Monday, December 29, 2003


The problem with not gardening for a period of time and then throwing yourself into it for two days is: sore muscles.

It's hard to pick up things this morning.

The good news is that we are under a day and night long soaking rain, making sure that all those plants I divided, and bulbs that I planted, with readjust nicely to their new homes in the dirt.

This weekend, I kept my eye out for future work. I need to widen part of my hosta beds, and spend some time amending the soils in those areas.

I'd like to add a couple of redbuds or dogwoods for bloom and edge height, and perhaps a add few more yews and/or boxwoods to strengthen the evergreen ratio.

And there are definitely some tree limbs that need pruning.

I'll probably move all my anemones from their original spot and add more roses. The anemones I have were from a friend's garden, and they are incredibly tall and prolific. They can endure a little more shade, and I am jealous for the space to add more roses.

Then there is the fence line with my neighbor. Half of it has astilbe and hostas, but the other half needs something. Perhaps that is where I'll put the yews. It is under a tall and skinny maple. Yews will do fine there and that will help box off the one large area of grass left in the front yard without creating more undue shade for my neighbor.

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