Monday, January 19, 2004

am i blue

A cold Sunday. We gathered at a friend's house to watch the game Sunday between the Colts and New England. No cutesy food overdosed with blue food coloring. Good snacks, good friends.

My next knitting project is a cap, and it requires 3 inches or so of (70 loops per row) of knit-purl-knit-purl knitting. Which means I have to think about what I am doing. Because our knitting teacher was coming, we brought our bags, too.

A cousin to our friends was visiting from New Hampshire, and of course, she was a big fan of New England. But she was also an accomplished knitter. She chatted about knitting and life, her daughter lives in Texas, and I avoided watching the television. Interception after interception and one could feel the pain of Indy folk watching dreams fade away. I hope it isn't a rout, said the New Hampshire lady, being gracious as her team started pushing over the Colts.

Sports is all about heartbreak. I started over about three times before dear Beth, our teacher, had pity and got me restarted. I will take this up again in the quiet privacy of our home when conversations with strangers and championship football games are happening someplace else.

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