Tuesday, January 06, 2004

follow that star

We have come to see for ourselves.

Today is Epiphany, or the calendar day of it, the beginning of a new season in the Church calendar, and the end of Christmastide. Most of us observed it this past Sunday.

Like all the folk who heard the word of the babe, and who went to find him, we, too, want to see and know for ourselves, in our lives, what all the fuss is about, what the promise of hope really means.

If our faith was stamped out, like a can of tuna fish, taken off a shelf, and purchased as is, today would mean very little. A check mark on our to-do list. No awe there, because we already know everything about it.

No, we have to live with it, and struggle, and deal with it, with ourselves, with each other, and this world we inhabit.

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