Thursday, January 08, 2004

what is that word

I once read in the Washington Post an article about people's reactions to weather.

The writer used a term to describe people whose moods are highly linked to weather. I've since forgotten the word, but I am one of those people. Writing about weather is also one of the definitions of banality.

But this kind of weather sensitivity is important for gardeners. If there hasn't been rain in more than a week, if temperatures are unseasonable, you have to react. It's one way to understand the growing conditions of your plant. There is great satisfaction in hearing the rumbling of rain the day after planting something.

Sadly, in winter, I am not out in the yard gardening, but the obssession does not stop. So I find myself staring out the window. It is about to snow, and the landscape fades even more into the pale muted colors of winter, gray and brown tree bark, brown and green grass, a gray sky.

There is a flock of sheep outside my window and they huddle together or move slowly across their pasture, alone. Soon the fence, the trees and the field will be covered in snow, and for that moment, the view will be other-worldly, from another time.

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