Monday, January 26, 2004

katie's blog

Thanks to Mumcat for the head's up: Katie Sherrod, a Texas journalist and faithful Episcopalian, has started a blog (I've added a permanent link to my blog links).

Katie lives in the Diocese of Fort Worth, one of four Episcopal Dioceses that refuses to allow ordained women priests to serve in their parishes. According to canon law, visiting priests can celebrate and minister within a diocese for a limited period of time without the approval of the bishop. Katie has been involved in a unique ministry that has brought in women priests for that period of time, giving Episcopalians in Fort Worth an opportunity to see in person a real life woman priest. Imagine that, God's grace is not restricted to men.

I do not know her personally but read her columns in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram when I lived in Texas.

As Katie points out in her blog, the bishop of Fort Worth objected to any Episcopal oversight or intervention from outside the diocese when it came to dealing with ordained female clergy, but is now advocating doing the same for those parishes in dioceses that object to General Covention's actions concerning Bishop Robinson.

The bishop of Fort Worth also fought this parish when they decided to leave the diocese and become an Orthodox church. Were he and parishes in Fort Worth decide to leave the Episcopal Church now, it looks like he would be in the same position of this parish.

Anway, I welcome Katie's blog as a voice for folk in Fort Worth who are, as she says, "hijacked" into this new movement to wreck our church.

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