Tuesday, January 27, 2004

proper spirit

I wish I had a better attitude about the current divisions facing the ECUSA. I must confess at this point that when I read about the amount of of money raised, the strategic planning and steps to wreck the ECUSA, I get upset, and like the disciple in the Garden, I am ready to grab a sword and chop somebody's ear off.

Mostly I do not moniter the news. There was a point after General Convention when I realized that it was not doing me any good and that I had no power over what was being said or bandied about, so I tried to ignore the he saids, they dids that flew across the battlements.

I support the ordination of Bishop Robinson and am proud of the bishops who stood up for him. I make a distinction between the people who are upset about this, who challenge it or who don't agree and the whatever is the current version of those who are planning on wrecking the ECUSA (ACC, Network, etc.). These ever changing organizations linked to political groups in DC, malcontent millionaires and the same bishops and priests are about politics, plain and simple, wrapped in trappings of faith.

Of course, this is a religious civil war, and thus its nature is messy and painful.

I don't think God calls us to religious civil wars. We are called to love and serve, to be a witness in this tough world. I don't think heaven has auditing departments to evaluate the fine distinctions we humans like to make about denominational faith and obedience.

But regardless of what I think, the wars continue to heat up.

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