Sunday, February 29, 2004


Thursday and Friday, we visited with old friends in Austin that I haven't seen in a while.

I ate three separate meals of enchilladas verde. Even a quick lunch at Taco Cabana, the regional fast food chain, is far superior to any Tex-Mex food found in Indy.

Just on the cusp of spring, I didn't see any wild flowers, but I did see a blooming redbud tree south of Austin.

It was a trip to look at Live Oak trees, those wonderful pieces of wood sculpture that dot the hills and crevices of Central Texas. Massive trees that are small in height, yet wide and reaching in their horizontal limbs spreading out above the ground. Oak wilt continues to kill these trees that survived prairie fire, heat and drought.

I peered over the picket fence at my old South Austin garden. A massive Cedar Elm has been cut down, making the garden/yard look completely different. My friend C.'s garden continues to thrive. I helped her prune roses (a gift for me), and admired her new palms that she has planted.

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