Sunday, February 29, 2004

back home

It was a long day of travel today. I left the bayfront of Corpus Christi, Texas this morning at 6:30 am, driving through the coastal plain and then through the rolling hills of Central Texas toward the airport at Austin. It was too dark this morning to see the Gulf waves as I left the hotel, but their gray was mirrored in the cloudy sky along the horizon as the sun came up. I listened to a Contemporary Christian Station for about 30 minutes -- not very good music, repetitive, simple lyrics and even more simple music, then NPR for a while, and finally the classical music station from Austin.

On the outskirts of the airport, in the middle of a rainfall, a fellow ran me off the road. I am uncertain why he did this -- maybe there was something in his lane that I could not see -- but the image of this guy steering directly into my lane and our both braking and spinning in tandom without hitting each other, a guard rail or other traffic still haunts me a bit. He spun on for about another 30 yards, checked his car and left.

Then on to Chicago for a layover, plane problems and then finally home. I'm tired.

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