Thursday, August 26, 2004

grand tour

Years ago, partner and I saw the movie Enchanted April, based on Elizabeth von Arnheim's Edwardian novel. The key line of the movie was the magical, mystical, spiritual (pick one) powers of the words "a villa in Tuscany." I think blooming wisteria was also mentioned.

So we've said for many years, let's get a group of people and go to Italy. And we never did.

And then, last year, one of our dear friends said, "yes, we will do this."

And so, after much planning, and saving, and planning, and making up excuses to plan so that we could get together for home-made Italian meals, we're going to Italy.

Soon. Very soon. Never been. Always wanted to go. Will be going.


Shelley said...

That's wonderful news! Are you going this winter?

Anonymous said...

I read Enchanted April a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. I've been waiting for it to migrate to DVD, but I don't think it has. Thanks for reminding me about it--maybe I'll go over to Vulcan Video and see if they have a VHS copy of it.

M Sinclair Stevens @ zanthan gardens

avril said...

One of my favorite movies and gardening novels. The villa in the movie was actually Von Arnim's and her baron husband's. You should read her autobiographical gardening novel 'Elizabeth and Her German Garden.' She is a charming writer. Please keep us posted as plans develop-I live vicariously at times through other's travels.

Don said...

Shelley -- very, very soon

MSS -- I think it is in DVD. Ah, Vulcan Video. We used to rent there. Maybe one of the more eclectic video stores around.

Avril -- Yes, I've never seen a copy of Elizabeth and Her Garden but will look for it. E.M. Forster served as her children's tutor for a few months in Germany. This was after Cambridge and around the time that he and his mother did their own Grand Tours of the Continent. I think it was one of those small moments when he got a little independence. He and Elizabeth got along well, but I gather she was a bit of pain, too.

I'd like to blog with pictures but have no idea how much effort that will require. Given that each minute will be rare, so to speak, I'd much rather jot down things and post after the fact. I say all that and may find I'm next door to a 24 hour internet cafe in one of the cities we're also visiting.