Thursday, August 26, 2004

voting in indy

According to the Indianapolis Star, several thousand names will be removed from the voter registration rolls in Marion County (same as Indianapolis with semi-exceptions that ultimately aren't all that interesting -- the nuances of sub-governmental bodies in Indiana, as filtered through the 1969 semi-merger of this particular county and city are unexplainable).

The clerk or registrar sent out a card to verify if I am who I said I was when I registered to vote, and then voted in every single election from the past five years or so. In addition to sending out the card, I was requested to sign the card to verify any address changes. And somewhere else, it said that I had to sign the card regardless or the whole effort was invalid. I signed the card. The whole message of the card was that I needed to put my current, unchanged address on it, sign it and mail it back.

Never did it say on the card that I could throw it in the trash, that my mere act of getting the card indicated that I lived at the address where it was delivered. The newspaper story, linked above, said I didn't have to do anything.

Why make things like this so complicated?

Of course, if there was fine print, I probably didn't read it. Because I probably didn't see it.

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