Thursday, September 02, 2004

bell tower

Today, we climbed the bell tower, stopping at terraces within it,thinking that we had made it to the top. And in the corner was another stairwell leading upward. After taking a few pictures, we climbed to the next level until we were finally at the top, and all of Florence laid out before us -- including the redbricked dome of the Duomo or Cathedral. Below,too, was the incredible baptistry.

This was an ascent for young people. Because it was toward the end of the day, we had the place mostly to ourselves. In fact, on the descent, we were alone, sitting together as the bright afternoon sun poured in from the west, and far below were people, chattering. A cool breeze blew through the windows and openings.

Back on the street, we ate a slice of pizza on the cathedral steps, stopped and got a heavenly cup of gelato or ice cream, and then wandered back to the small bed and breakfast.


Hugh said...


But seriously, I hope you recover from your lack of sleep and really enjoy this trip. Under the Tuscan Sun? You didn't miss anything, the book was way better.

Don said...

Hugh -- this is a lifetime experience for me ... the best art history course available. Sleep, I suppose is a small thing in comparison.