Thursday, September 02, 2004


I'm afraid that I cannot sleep when I travel. I thought I would this time, taking Tylenol PM as soon as we got on the plane in Chicago. I dozed through the second movie, Under the Tuscan Sun. And when we took the train from Rome to Florence, crossing much of Tuscany in the early morning sunlight, I nodded, forgetting to look up and see the views as the train gently rolled through the countryside.

We napped a little in the afternoon and started visiting museums. This afternoon I took a two hour nap. My head is full of renaissance art, naked men in marble, Virgin Marys with glows around their faces, demurly averting one's gaze. Trying not to be an Ugly American visitor, I realize how I could have worked harder at learning Italian. Partner, who took a course or two in college as part of his music training, is very good at ordering things. I smile in ignorance.


lemming said...

Tuscan Sun is a better book, though the film is pleasant entertainment. :-)

Better to smile in ignorance than to yell in frustration.

Please have some gelato and good wine for me.

Don said...

I will, dear Lemming. I gather the movie remade Mayes life into something else, but still indicated it was her life. My favorite Tuscany movies are Enchanted April and A Room With a View, an Edwardian bias on my part.