Friday, September 03, 2004

perché no!

It's Italian for why not, and also the name of a gelato bar in Florence. A very excellent gelato bar, I might add.

Indulgence is not a bad word here. How fortunate that I find myself in Italy the week of the Republican National Convention, which I've now completely missed. I have agreed to gelatos (Rick Steves says that they have the best in Italy and who am I to argue those fine points?) No yelling at the tv screen. No reading newspapers. No NPR in the morning to scare me for a good hour or two about the true nature of this world as it runs down hill.

So I missed the ying yang from NYC. And the counter ying yang. Kerry may be up or down or tied, but I'm checking out the beautiful and bloody Renaissance.

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Shelley said...

Frugality is the essence of the brain, but indulgence is the aesthetic of the soul.

So indulge me, and if you have a moment or two, tell me about the food you're having, and what flavor of gelato, and what it feels like to touch a stature of marble centuries old.