Monday, November 29, 2004


Yesterday was the first day that it was not raining, and that I had an opportunity to plant my bulbs for next spring.

The ground was incredibly soft, and almost too muddy, but I was able to dig out my small trenches/holes, mix in composted manure, plant the bulbs and cover them up, adding leaf compost to hide them from the squirrels.

It didn't take very long: I planted 20 Hood narcissus and 50 apricot beauty tulips, and 10 mixed oriental lillies. These were all ordered from our choir bulb sale.

Usually I pick up odds and ends of bulbs and have not done so. I may do that yet.

And in early spring, after I am totally deprived and cut off from my garden, and I have reached the point where I cannot stand the barrenness, bulbs will break through the cold dirt and offer a few weeks of delightful color.

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