Thursday, December 23, 2004

sun light

Today the sun is out amid a clear blue sky. The brilliant reflection on the snow boosts our intake of necessary sunshine, a gift to help us cope.

Winter snow, like other seasonal distinctions, re-defines our landscape, making solid white geometic fields out of rooftops, coloring evergreen trees with dollops of white, and decorating the plain gray and brown tree trunks with edgings of white between trunks and limbs. The perennials covered below are now better insulated from the forecasted sub-zero temperatures.

And it is easier to see one's little black dog at night out in the snow.

And easier, too, to be reflective now that the snowing is over for a few days. I appreciate the neat tidiness of getting it all down, knowing that I won't have to re-shovel the walk and drive tonight or in the morning.

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Joseph Duemer said...

Well, most of our snow got washed away by rain yesterday, though now the temperaturer has plunged again & the remnants are frozen & slippery. By the way, when it snows here, it makes it harder for us to spot our little whate dogs!