Thursday, December 23, 2004

snow storm

There was a little snow yesterday morning, about two inches or so.

Last night, we left choir rehearsal and it was falling down hard. Not the fat soft fall one usually associates with the first big snow storm of the year.

It was small, cold pellet-like snow, not falling but splattering vertically, carried by a bitter wind.

When we got up this morning, the world outside was white. The weather chatters, who by the way have evidentally never seen a snow storm in Indianapolis, said that we had gotten at least nine inches of snow in the city. It didn't look like that deep until... I opened the garage door to go to work and realized that we had about a foot of snow in the driveway. Out came my shovel.

The drive to work was quiet -- there was hardly any traffic, and I only saw the pavement when I got on a freeway. The snow has taken the edge off of the inane stress right before the holidays begin.

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