Monday, December 20, 2004


We are starting to get photographs from our fellow travelers to Italy. Given we were taking pictures of each other or the places that we were at together, it is interesting, then, to see a different point of view than the one that partner or myself took when we shot our pictures.

One set of pictures had the hues much greener than was the case. Since the photos were taken in late evening, perhaps the greens were more enhanced, but frankly, the greeness (as opposed to olive gray) was a bit too brilliant, and probably reflect what that part of the world looks like in the flush of spring as opposed to late September, after the heat and dryness of summer.

Last week was the birthday of a dear friend, a lovely woman who passed away unexpectantly (and much too young) a couple of years ago. She was the sort of person that you thought would be in your life forever, the kind to share experiences with and get reactions from. She was also a huge lover of Italy, and had gotten advanced degrees in art history, particularly 16th century Roman ceiling paintings, while in her 40s. During her study in Rome, she got to go up to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as they were working on the restoration.

We always thought we would go with her to Italy but it had never worked out. When were there, both of us would mutter something about what we would have liked to asked her about.

I used to think she was a little over the top in her passion for Italy. I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see the photos. You two (and by connection, your dearly departed friend) have inspired us to begin making plans to go as well. Mark & Wendy

lemming said...

Could the different greens have anything to do with different photo-developing techniques?

avril said...

Your friend couldn't have a lovelier memorial than being remembered by you in her favorite place. Henry James, another American "Italiophile" (what is the word?) said:
"There are women who are for all your 'times of life.' They're the most wonderful sort." It sounds like your friend was such a woman. Happy Holidays.