Wednesday, January 19, 2005

losing the sky

The cloudy sky is the same color of the snow covered ground -- it's as if earth and sky were erased. The only hues interrupting this murky grayness are the darker grays and browns of tree trunks spreading their limbs up and out. A few burnt leaves, still clinging to their branches, are mostly lost among the overwhelming gray, murky gray. I assume it is about to snow, or leading up to a snowfall.

Of course, while today is cold, yesterday it was twice as cold. A cold day feels much warmer after a couple of twice as cold days. But yesterday the sun was brilliant and the sky was blue, enough to cheer one even if it was so cold. Not today.

Instead, we muddle on, knowing that with the distractions of holidays and the revving up of the new year past us, we are fated to endure many more weeks of winter.

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