Thursday, January 27, 2005


The snow has been melting, and the hard freeze last night took the mush and hardened it. Walking outside in the townlet is very tricky right now. But the mold died, or at least my imagined sense of it. My nose is returning to its normal functions.

In the sky above, the geese appear unsettled, moving around in their off-set V formations, honking, crisscrossing across the tree tops and open air. I assume their honking is some form of communication, encouragement and perhaps complaint. I certainly feel discontented right now.

Actually, I think that animal complaint is more immediate and related to reaction than it is to our human sense of discomfort and whining. But hearing their honking, I forget and think they are voicing my feelings.

We only see glimpses of neighbors now. The poor dog has not had a proper walk in days. There is a clear blue sky today.

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