Thursday, March 03, 2005

losing patience

The week was cold, a bit bitter when the winds blew so hard. Mostly, it was a demonstration of the last throes of winter, he said, hoping it is true.

I moved through the week, a bit confused on what coats and scarves to wear. The earlier warmer temps had stirred up my expectation that the earth will be warm again.

Last week the air smelled like spring. It was warmer, and all around were signs of plants picking up their cues. The plants went back on hold this week.

I am ready to start digging in the dirt. Anne Raver of the New York Times had an article in today's House and Home section about the science of dirt. She tried to point out how much we have learned about soil, but I kept thinking that of course real gardeners think about their dirt and understand its relationship to successful gardening.

I am ready to amend, to dig, to get going. This hiatus has gone on too long.

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