Monday, March 07, 2005

too much fun

Two days of balmy weather. Saturday and Sunday reminded us that the earth does have warm periods, in case we forgot the feel and smells of temps in the 50s (F). It comes to a crashing end tonight or tomorrow, with rain and snow and lows in the 20s. Local lore has it that the high school basketball play-offs bring out winter's last gasp, and then spring arrives. I think these games begin soon.

Franklin the dog stayed outside for much of Sunday, out in the middle of the backyard, soaking up the sun. He even got to run a bit with the wolfhounds, something that excites him no end. Last night I noticed how tired he seemed to be as he walked and immediately began to feel guilty about putting his bad knee in jeopardy. But no limping then or today. I'll keep a close watch. I think we both got caught up in the exuberance of a lovely day at the end of winter.

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James said...

It actually reached 68ยบ at one point today, and I was able to let my son, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and pull-up, outside to play with the hose. I loved being able to walk down to his bus stop without having to wear a jacket, gloves or a hat.

So what's the weather for tomorrow? Snow.

Sometimes I can't wait to get out of this state.