Monday, March 07, 2005


Sunday was mid-point in Lent, when the harder purples that adorn table and priests are put aside for a softer rose color. I think that the English called it mothering Sunday. We are comforted in the midst of this season of reflection.

We sang the last of the Rorem motets set to Gerard Manley Hopkin's text, and Howell's Oh Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem. I cannot say that the bass section was consistent in our singing. Neither piece were easy to sing, particularly in the morning. An eternal dilettante, I continue to try to improve my ability to read music. We have an informal class on Saturday mornings and I find them encouraging. But I still rely on other voices too much.

As we get to the Prayers of the People during the serice, I am paying more attention as we pray for the Anglican Communion.

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