Tuesday, April 12, 2005

a chilly morning

Rainy clouds moved into Indy last night, and today we have what is optimal for this time of year, an opportunity to enjoy the colors of early spring in the best light, muted and gray.

One looks at any of the hardwoods on the horizon and now sees a fuzz or so of potential leaves amid their branches. But it is the redbud that celebrates spring the best, and this, my favorite of the spring blooming trees, is starting to make itself known. The oddest of all colors starts to appear halfway between ground and the larger hardwood tree limbs, a dark rose pink that is neither clunky like the tulip trees nor so ephemeral like the cherry blossoms. It floats amid the gray and brown bark, needle-like, tiny, as if a painter had decided to altar the normal color scheme with this most perfect shade of rose-pink.

Enjoy their blooming. It is one of the great gifts of this season.

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