Tuesday, April 12, 2005

culture war continued -- notes

1) Hypersync points out renewed efforts by the religious right to convince gay and lesbian youth and their families that they have no alternative but to deny their sexual orientation.

Pointing to the continued failure of these efforts in the past, he writes: Overwhelming antidotal evidence, and some recent reliable research, demonstrates that God is not in the business of changing homosexuals into heterosexuals.

2) The national Catholic radio network out of Alabama often lists supporters of same-sex marriage as one of the components of the "Culture of Death."

3) Last fall, Bishop Robinson spoke at the HRC National Dinner and said that the gay and lesbian youth who participated in a Concord, New Hampshire outreach ministry often didn't know much about the Bible, but they were keenly aware of all the verses that were used to tell them that God did not love them.

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