Monday, April 11, 2005


Much like the king who thought he should be able to stop the tide from rolling in, I mutter to myself about the heat. The lovely, fragile blossoms of spring were made for chilled air, and this bright sun in the 70s (F) is bearing down harshly on them, speeding up the process by a week or two.

My ornamental pear is now blooming. The daffs are starting to shrivel -- although white ones planted in the fall are just now opening. One of the benefits of planting new daffodils is that you often get a later bloom for them. The pink tulip trees are abloom, unfazed by any late freeze that often stops them here, but the heat is having an effect -- Just three days into bloom, they are shedding their large, wide petals.

The first tulips have buds enclosed in green, but I would not be surprised to see at least some of them open when I get home. The lilacs are starting to bush out and have flowers buds ready to open as do the viburnums.

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Rob M said...

I agree with you about the heat (though when we lived in FL, we would've thought 70 degrees was a cold day, breaking out the long pants and sweaters). Today, however, it was marvelously cool once again. I actually got a chance to get outside and do some gardening, and loved it. Still waiting on redbuds here, but they should start blooming any time now.