Monday, April 11, 2005


On the parking lot of the Qdoba where I ate lunch, a tall brown hawk landed next to an SUV. I was just getting into my car when I landed, and I as I pulled close to where the hawk continued to stand on the pavement, I slowed my car down and watched him. He watched me.

Last week, Franklin and I were standing in the driveway at dusk, and the brown rabbit that lives in the juniper hedge along side our drive came running across from us just as a hawk swooped down. The rabbit barely escaped, and the hawk, gathered up its wings and then flew away. This all happened within about seven feet of the dog and me. Franklin was beside himself, perhaps a bit confused at knowing which creature he was to attack, the hawk or the rabbit.

He hates the rabbit, and often catches its scent across and through the front garden. But the hawk had also come into his yard. It was a confusing moment.

Outside my office window at work is a large sheep pasture. Lately, I've noticed a hawk diving into the field, picking out, I assume, some field mouse for its supper.

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