Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The cool airs continue to blow through Central Indiana. Poison ivy is up -- I've found a couple of sightings within my garden and will get some poison to apply to it. This is the only thing that I put poison on. It is so incredibly prolific here.

My roses are starting to open, including my old roses, Victoria Regne. The petals are tightly nested. I counted nine layers yesterday on one of the first blooms. The fragrance is terribly sweet.

My nepata or catmint are starting to bloom, and I continue to be thrilled by its thick upright flower stalks, its silver-green foilage, and its overall thriving.

This is an excellent groundcover for sunny areas. The bees are attracted to it, too.


bill said...

I already have a case of poison ivy. On my wrists just above where the gloves stop.

Don said...

Yikes. I take precautions, but I am vulnerable to getting it. Hope that yours doesn't spread and that it dries out soon.

I always wash with dishwashing liquid after I garden. Supposedly the degreaser in it can help dissapate the offending oils.