Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Father Rob saw his first hummingbird of the season and reflects on the gift of repetition. I saw one last week, a green throated one hovering over my garden.

Outside the garden, the world is run amok. I'm grateful for the opportunities to escape into the garden. And I am jealous to read that his foxgloves are blooming. This year, I am without any.


DWPittelli said...

It could be worse.

If you can already tell that your foxgloves aren't going to bloom, then your garden is about a month ahead of Zone 6A in New England this year.

Dave Pittelli

Don said...

Actually, I meant that I haven't planted any foxglove this year. They don't reseed well here, which means I have to be proactive in getting seed out at the right time or in purchasing young plants. I did neither and so I am foxglove-less.