Wednesday, May 11, 2005

death in the garden

Last night, I had Franklin on his expandable leash while I got lost in weeding and checking out plants. We were only out for a few minutes, but I noticed he was rooting around excitedly and looking closer I saw that he had a baby rabbit in his mouth. I made him drop it.

A few feet away, hidded behind a shrub was the hated (to Franklin) calico cat from a couple of doors down, looking very interested.

Maybe Franklin found a nest and killed the rabbit. Usually when he corners something, he barks at it first and plays with it. Maybe the cat killed the rabbit and we happened to interrupt it. Usually the cat runs away quickly when the dog is around.

I put the rabbit in a bag and then in the garbage can. It was about the size of my hand, lengthwise, and at first I thought it was a mouse. Tough place for the wildlife.

I never encourage Franklin to kill anything, with the bad knee all his outside visits are supervised (except when I am distracted), and it has been many years since I've found carnage that I could link to him. But he is hardwired to kill rodents.


lemming said...

Sam once dug up a mole and had it by the neck in the time that it takes to count five. I screamed,. which frightened him - the mole fell from his mouth and made good its escape.

Don said...

There was another dead rabbit the next day, and Franklin had not been outside before we saw it. I am sure it was the cat.

Of course, if he had freedom to do so, Franklin would have killed it.