Monday, May 09, 2005

garden notes

  1. Sometime on Saturday the heat came back to town, and now it is safe to say that we are moving on into late spring. My shasta daisies are putting on buds (the older variety, not the "becky"s), the columbines started blooming today as did the old-fashioned bearded irises found years ago in a dark corner of the yard, now thick and loaded with flower stalks. Its purple, burgundy, white and yellow are a bit gaudy, but still make me smile.
  2. My victoria regina old roses in the backyard are loaded with bulbs. I really should uproot all the roses in the front and put them close by these. On top of heavy Indiana humid airs, the heat, and thus the resulting blackspot, the hordes of japanese beetles, I push the amount of light the front roses get.
  3. My neighbor whose yard got the live end of the fallen power line a few weeks ago started digging around in the bed where it arced and discovered shards of black glass, the result of the tremendous heat fusing dirt together.
  4. I became a bit despondent after my weekend of working around and in the garden -- weeds, errant grass, and hard soil demand attention.
  5. The vegetable garden is tilled. Today is the last average day for killing frosts. Tomatoes go in shortly (among other plants).


Shelley said...

I wasn't able to do a patio garden like I hoped this year, so I guess I'll have to get my gardening vicarously through you.

Too bad that air tomatoes don't have much flavor, though...

Don said...

Shelley -- You must have real tomatoes. It is essential to living. I hope you have a generous friend/gardener in St. Louis, or at least access to a good farmer's market.