Monday, May 23, 2005


Mild weather has descended upon Indiana, with daytime highs in the lower 70s (F) and nighttime lows in the 40s - 50s (F). This is perfect gardening weather for many perennials although not so helpful for the tomatoes and their thirst for warmer temps.

The irises are in mid-bloom, which means that they continue to honor us with their showy blooms along their flower stalk, making us forget that the opening blooms are now spent and that this season of irises will soon be over. I am beginning to look forward to all the various bearded irises blooming, but that expectation will be dashed within a week or so. The lesson is to look and value them for the too short moment.


lemming said...

Interesting to read about your irises (irisii?) as mine have only just started to bloom this morning.

Don said...

Congrats on your gardening success. Once you learn about a plant you start to notice it more in other places, too.