Tuesday, May 31, 2005

more editing

I know that it is too late, but I went ahead and divided and moved some of my hostas, making the front shade garden much more completed than it had been. This was particularly helpful in a couple of spots where hostas were getting too crowded.

I have some large blues that were covering up smaller variegated plants as well as the big green plantain hostas. After my work, I think I've restored some sense of scale and place.

My English roses are starting to open. I snapped spent iris stalks this morning and pulled some stray grass out of beds. I did some watering after I moved the hostas, but will have to start watering soon.


marthachick said...

Whenever you start missing gardening in Texas (which I know is never in the summer time), remember you can grow hostas! ;-)

Don said...

marthachick -- yes, I didn't have my first hostas until I moved to DC. And I was always afraid to do anything with them because I didn't know much about them.

I am afraid I've become much less intimidated by them while at the same time I've become a big fan of them.

lemming said...

My irises are all a bloom and make a lovely purple streak when viewed from a distance. A bush that had yet to do anything for years produced a rose this morning. Happy plants and two that I'm actually able to identify!