Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The irises are almost spent, in terms of their flowers, and that is a sign that this absurdly mild and cool weather that we've been enjoying is about to end. The weatherman said that we will get up to 80 over the next few days.

Of course, we are a bit short on rain -- I wouldn't be a gardener if I didn't find something to worry about -- but the last three weeks or so has been paradise.

Saturday night, we attended a race party. Sunday, we forewent our traditional backyard dinner, taking our brisket to another friend's house. Yesterday we joined neighbors in the townlet for a backyard treat of smoked ribs.

Laundry got done. We went to see the Star Wars -- Lucas certainly doesn't abscribe that evil is banal -- and got through a host of chores.

And now its over. The bug population is more visible, which means mosquitoes are probably starting to congregate. Adieu, dear Eden-On-The-White-River.

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