Wednesday, June 15, 2005

cool again

For some reason unknown to me, a gentle but persistent cool air flowed into Central Indiana, taking with it the heavy, humid -- and hot -- air.

Hallelujah. That sudden change is extravagant this time of year, a relief from air that makes any garden work a heavy burden. In fact, the plants look better as the air is less humid -- again, this is probably my imagination -- but I certainly enjoy it more on days like this.

Talking about the weather withsome else is a banal, safe area of conversation. But for a gardener, or anybody who is attuned to weather and its effects on the landscape, it is a constant tune, or sound, to be heard and evaluated.


Emily said...

Now that I am growing things on the patio, I find that the weather is not just small talk anymore, either. "Is it going to rain today?" has a whole different meaning.

Don said...

The bad news is that ultimately it will mean watering every day. The good news is that you might be able to overwinter some things you couldn't in your old locale.

Be sure and check out polymers (sp?), those things designed to absorb and hold water in the soil. Should help your pots from drying out too fast.