Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Franklin the dog and I have started walking around the townlet again, morning and evening. His legs have healed enough that he has not limped for some time, and I continue to carry him up and down the stairs and restrict his backyard play.

He and I have been making this circuit for over five years and he has not lost his enthusiasm for it. He varies where he poops -- although this tends to be ritualistic, too, in that he poops in the same place for several days in a row. I think this has something to do with whatever triggers this, part of the invisible smells and markings unknown to me. I carry plastic grocery bags with me to pick up the remains.

In some spots along the road he walks straight forward, quite business-like, and in other spots it is as if he has to stop, check and verify against memory some particular smell.

I don't talk much to him as we walk, other than to rein him in when a car comes. But I must admit that walking with him is great motivation for me to get out and get some exercise.

We started back doing once a day. Now that we are up to our old twice daily format, he is sleeping more when we get back home.

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