Thursday, June 23, 2005

frogs and toads

A host of them were a plague in Egypt, but now they are leaving us according to this story from Yahoo News.

A dark black one is in my garden, slow and cautious.

When I was a kid, and played in my grandmother's vegetable garden in Bellmead, there were always horny toads running through the rows between the okra or the tomatoes. I've heard the fire ants, and pesticides, and other things we have done have chased them all away.

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bill said...

I have heard that horned toads prefer to eat the big red harvester ants which used to be very common around here but which you don't see very much anymore. I think a lot of people are scared of those ants because they are so big and make such big ant beds, so they have run them off with pesticides.

Another thing is that horned toads don't do well with lawn grasses. They prefer bare dirt which you don't see very much in suburban yards.