Monday, June 13, 2005

tall things

Two or three rocket snaps returned from seed from last year. The rain yesterday knocked down a couple of them. I have a clump of rocket larkspur, also from reseeding, and almost all of them fell over during the day long rain.

My monardia or bee balm is thick, and as tall as it has ever been, but nothing fell.

Each month brings its current wave of weeds, through germinated seeds left in the soil from previous years, or from squirrels, or the air.

The vegetable garden has gotten rife overnight with the purslane weed. I must get into it as the soil gets less muddy, but not wait until it hardens again.

The yellow zagreb coreopsis is starting to bloom. This is one of the easier to perennials to divide. And unlike the moonbeam variety, it doesn't fall over despite being made up of a spinely, fern-like stem structure.

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