Wednesday, June 08, 2005


It is an irony of hot and humid places that the soil can dry out even as the air swells from the presence of moisture.

For days, the weathermen have called for storms or possible storms. I've got to start watering my garden.


Emily said...

Finally rained here in OKC today. I put in a rain gauge in one of my pots and I love checking to see how much it rained.

I'm newish to gardening but finding it oddly fulfilling right now.

Rob said...

We've had storms a plenty here. The ground is thoroughly saturated, and I even had to drain the water feature today. A couple of the storms have brought high winds as well, which is always hard on the plants.

Anyway, hope you get some rain. And that it cools down.

Don said...

emily -- you should be careful. If Oklahamoa weather is similar to Central Texas, then you will find that you have two growing seasons, an early spring and a late fall.

In the in-between summer season, when the heat is overwhelming, you and your garden will survive but not do much else.

The good news is that there are lots of plants that do well in the heat. And ways to cope with it in the garden. Mulch and soaker hoses becomes very important.

I am glad you are enjoying gardening in your new home! And keep enjoying what is a great gift.

rob -- we finally got rain this weekend, the remnants of the tropical storm that hit the Gulf of Mexico a few days ago.