Monday, July 25, 2005


Bristol is a beautiful city, and the cathedral was quite interesting, with a unique style of architecture. The Nave, Aisles, Crossing, Choir and Altar are all built at the same ceiling height, meaning no flying butresses or clerstory (sp?) windows letting light in from above, but rather large walls of glass. This is a hall church, unique among British cathedrals.

It was originally a monastery. The monks tore down the nave to rebuild it right before Henry VIII chose to break up monasteries and start the Church of England, so alas, it was a large church that had no nave until the 19th century when the nave was rebuilt along mideval design.

There is a seven second reverberation in the cathedral, making it an easy place to sing from the choir. The cathedral staff were exceptionally welcoming and helpful. Bristol had a port festival during this past weekend, so a lot was going on. For many of us, tired from 40 hours of traveling, we tried to focus on what we were singing. After evensong, yesterday, we left by bus for a six hour trip to Durham.

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