Monday, July 25, 2005


We left last Wednesday expecting a long overnight flight to England. Instead, we got a two-hour flight delay from Indy to Chicago (4 hour drive, btw), and then sat in a small hot plane on the tarmac for another hour. Our choir arrived in Chicago having missed our flight to England by 30 minutes.

It is not easy to re-book flights for 55 people. Or get your luggage back out of the system if you have to change airlines. We ended up getting a flight out of Chicago for Thursday evening. Sometime around midnight, we got our baggage back, trekked to an airport hotel, and then spent the day in O'Hare, the Chicago airport.

Which put us into Bristol on Friday afternoon, about an hour before our first evensong. People worked well together and helped each other, and even the day delay in the airport was not as hard as it might have been.

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