Monday, July 25, 2005


No time for sightseeing in Bristol, but partner and I did go to the New Chapel, John Wesley's first meeting house. It is a sacred space, and we enjoyed reading particularly the information about Frances Asbury, who came to America with Wesley's permission to start the Methodist Church.

The Methodist parish we attended in DC was started by Asbury about 10 years before the formal denomination was started. There was also information about an equestrian statue of Asbury dedicated in DC in 1924. It was near our house, and we often waited at the bus stop next to it on 16th Street. On one side was the inscription Prophet of the Long Road. When we lived there, the letter L was missing, so to us, he was the ong road prophet.

And we saw a bombed out church, St. Peters, that was left standing as a monument to those who lost their lives in the German blitz during World War II.

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