Tuesday, October 18, 2005


My time to write on this blog has diminished. That's ok. I write entries in my head as I walk the dog, or go from the building at work to my car. No post or save button though.

Last night, I went to a friend's house to knit and watch the Colts-Rams football game on Monday Night Football. Last winter, I started a sweater, and I am almost finished with one side of it. Pretty easy stuff -- most of this is knit a row, purl a row. She has been very encouraging in teaching me knitting. A fellow choir member.

I took Franklin with me because her house is dog friendly -- she has two large dogs, and he has played with them before. Partner joined us later in the evening.

The Colts won -- an odd game actually, where they were almost blown out and then they scored 45 points while the Rams added only three. I think maybe we have watched one or two games this year which shows how little I watch sports.

The moon at night is full now, and the days are blue skies - days of mild temps and cool nights. And no moisture. This past weekend, I watered flowerbeds, less for the plants that are going into dormancy and more for my ability to transplant, divide, plant or weed. The weather is perfect, but pliable soil is missing. I realized that when a neighbor came to deliver the book of coupons I had bought from his kid for a school fundraising project, and I ended up giving him a clump of chives and a sage plant for his herb garden. Gosh, the soil was hard, even my well amended bed soil.

My office looks out over a a field that has sheep in it. A couple of large trees shades the evening sun that sets directly opposite from my desk. Yesterday afternoon, the brilliant flood came in, and I realized that enough leaves have fallen to allow this burst. The afternoon mini-blind routine or ritual begins again till mid-spring.

There is talk that we will get rain all weekend, with sleet and/or nighttime temps in the low 20s. Quite a plunge for a mostly warm October.

My Republican neighbors told us a couple of days ago that they had tired of the current president. Strong words from them. I tell them that I think it's best that no one party controls everything.

We look at the changing landscape as we talk. Fall is sneaking in.

Two years ago yesterday, I started blogging. So my next year of blogging begins.


Emily said...

Happy blogiversary!

I love your descriptions of the fall landscape. Sadly, here in OK, I'm still trying to keep plants alive in dry, 90 degree temperatures.

I didn't know you knit, that's another thing we have in common.

There's a site at http://menknit.net, if you're haven't come across it yet.

Don said...

Emily -- I've completed the world's longest purple scarf (as a slightly tall person, I've never had a scarf that is long enough to wrap around more than twice -- now I have a 7 ft. scarf) and a wool cap.

I'd like to finish the sweater this winter. It's my winter gardening.

I am still reading "Reformation" and will post again. Sorry for the break.

Mumcat said...

Happy belated blogiversary, Don. Looking forward to wishing you another happy blogiversary this time next year.