Thursday, November 03, 2005


I first read the news on the internet sometime Sunday night. It was a headline, something about a Texas Baptist pastor being electrocuted while performing a baptism. Monday morning, the Today Show newscaster mentioned it, identifying the church as being located in Waco, my old home town.

It has been almost twenty years since I've been to a worship service in a Baptist church, but frankly the idea of a man being electrocuted in front a group of people during a worship service is a horrible image.

When I clicked onto the church's website, University Baptist Church, and read about the pastor, Kyle Lake, I was intriqued to learn about a church that is basically a store front in the Baylor area, apart of the emergent church movement. It reminded me of being at Baylor in the 70s, where young students struggled with what it meant to be Christian in our world. Terribly sad story. May Rev. Lake rest in peace, and God's light perpetual shine upon him.

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