Friday, January 27, 2006


According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word wow comes from the Scottish. It's an odd little word that in recent years has gotten picked up as a marketing term to describe an exceptional, memorable experience, as in we want to give folks a "wow" moment.

I feel to be in the middle of a series of such wow experiences.

Partner is going to graduate school in the fall. This process started a few years ago, but really it has been part of his thinking for many years. Yesterday, the last piece fell into place. I have some uncertainty about what this means, but being uncertain about the possibility of something happening is a lot different than being uncertain about something that is actually going to happen. I hope that makes sense.

I am very proud of him and happy. Next month we've been together for a few years shy of 20. We went to dinner last night, something we usually don't do on a week night, to quietly celebrate the good news.

For the past two years, the institution where I work has been in limbo over disagreements about its governance. That has ended, completely. Now, we're moving on ahead, planning our future without that awful weight holding us down. I assumed that this would happen, but was never completely sure when it would happen. A third year of limbo would have been impossible. At the moment, each day is a gift, as we forget about that, and forge on ahead, and my colleagues and I are able to focus on our mission, on what we do, on what we love.

The warm days of January continue in Indianapolis. Warm enough to walk outside. Warm enough to feel a little sun and air that is not too frigid.

I am thankful for these wows.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to your Partner!!!